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What is

”TAKINOUMIST” is an activated water that reproduces the water of a waterfall. The water of the waterfall has long been said to have strong energy. We artificially recreated natural waterfall. Activated water is not only used as drinking water, but also has a mysterious effect for various purposes.

Let’s enjoy the gifts
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* Molecular motion and vibration of matter are Invisible like radio waves and magnetic force, and you can't feel it directly.
However, in the case of radio waves, for example, if there is a receiver such as a mobile phone or television, the presence can be confirmed. “TAKINOUMIST” also has strong vibrations, but is also invisible. Therefore, if you give the other party equivalent to the receiver, you can feel the energy from the reaction. For example, salt, chocolate, alcohol, and tea will change the taste mellowly and let you know. When you put it on your skin, it penetrates quickly and gives you a moist feeling. In gardening, the difference in the germination rate and growth of the plant will let you know.

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How to use

  1. 1.preparation

    Preparation 1

    Please spray “TAKINOUMIST” 4 times into 1 liter of drinking water. The activated energy is transferred like heat. You can drink as usual, but the water will be mellow and delicious.

    Preparation 2

    Transfer the diluted “TAKINOUMIST” water to a smaller spray container. There are many ways to use the diluted spray.

  2. 2.Typical usage

    Before and after makeup and skin care

    Spray “TAKINOUMIST” on your face before using lotion, moisture permeates the skin quickly and makes makeup stick better. After applying makeup, spray when dry. Babies and people with sensitive skin can use it. It is also effective for care after hair removal and after sunburn.

    Shower and drying hair

    After getting wet your hair in the shower, spray “TAKINOUMIST” all over your hair, then use shampoo. The shampoo lathers better. If you float the bottle in the bath, it will warm you up like a hot spring. Spray it all over your hair before drying it with a hair dryer. Your hair will be smooth.

  3. 3.In various situations

    To improve blood circulation

    Not only by drinking but by holding a spray container , in some cases, the flow of capillaries improves. If you hold it when it's cold, your blood circulation will improve and you will feel warmer.

    On the dining table

    Just a single spray on alcohol, dressing, etc. The taste will be milder. Rice can be cooked deliciously. Proteins and powder milk are easily soluble and easier to drink it.

    For gardening and others

    Vegetables and flowers grow well with this water. Pet’s love it ,too. For aroma oils, perfumes, etc., spray the surface of the container once. The scent will be soft and elegant.

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