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TEL: +(81)-3-3630-4617


Cooking Revolution with Umami Water

“Takinomist” is water with extremely violent molecular motion that reproduces waterfall water.
The power of molecular movement brings about various changes in the kitchen and at the dining table.

Please enjoy the mysterious umami water “Takinomist”.

How to use

When cooking rice, soup stock, or soup, please pour it directly into the container.
The guideline is 3 drops for 2L size.
Otherwise, please use dilution water.

How to make dilution water

Add 3 drops of Takinomist to 2L of drinking water and leave it for about 10 minutes.

This diluted water has a mellow taste and is very easy to drink.
Dilution water has strong vibrations just like raw water, so it is used in various situations in the kitchen and at the dining table.

Example of usage

It will improve the taste of your food.

  • Even with hard water, you can cook rice and mixed grain rice as deliciously by adding diluted water.
  • Rice and brown rice can be cooked fluffy and delicious just by adding them to the cooking water.
  • Soup stock and soups bring out the flavor of the ingredients well, and have a good flavor without any stickiness.
  • When used in ramen soup, it has no odor and has a smooth, fatty taste.
  • When used as tempura flour or in fried foods, it will be fried lightly and crisply.
  • Putting it in olive oil or sesame oil will make it smoother and give it a better aroma.

Ingredients change.

  • Washing leafy vegetables makes them crunchy and prevents the cut ends from turning brown.
  • If you use it in the water for soaking bean sprouts, the smell will be less likely to come out even in hot weather.
  • If the container of diluted water comes into contact with fruits or onions, the sugar content will increase.

The taste of alcohol and drinks will also change.

  • When you add whiskey, Japanese sake, or wine, the aroma will become more prominent and the taste will become more mature.
    (Even if you use it for wine cooler water, the taste will change.)
  • For carbonated highballs, Please add dilution water to the whiskey.
  • The coffee has a lively, light flavor similar to lightly roasted coffee.
  • Orange and grapefruit juices and dressings will have a less sour taste and a mellower taste.

Other uses

  • Please wipe the kitchen area with diluted water. It makes a difference in removing dirt.
  • If you put a bottle of diluted water in the ice maker, it will taste so good that you won't need the water purification system.

In addition to this, Takinomist has various functions and uses.
Please discover various ways to use it.

About storage

Please store raw water and dilution water in the refrigerator after opening.

Price (tax included)

300ml ¥ 8,800
(Sales price in Japan)