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TEL: +(81)-3-3630-4617


What is “QUARTS
shower head” ?

QUARTS shower head makes waterfall water. Hard water changes smoothly with the power of waterfalls. No runnning cost for filter replacement.

QUARTS activated shower head principle

The waterfall violently crashes into the basin, entraining a large amount of air. At that time, the water molecules will fall apart once, but they will return in an instant.

This principle increases the vibration of water and activates it. The quarts shower head principle is the same. When water passes through, it takes in a large amount of air from the magic hole and activates the water by colliding with the wall inside.

Water from shower head has various effects just by touching it so that heat is transmitted.

Before use

Please check the screw diameter of the shower head size spec 【G1/2】 screw diameter 18.6㎜. Even with the same standard, water may leak, so in that case, please use the included adapter. If the water pressure is weak, there is a possibility that it can not be used.
It cannot be used when the water pressure is low.

Usage and effect

Wet your hair well in the shower before shampooing. Good lather and cleanability. Also, when you dry it with a hair dryer, it will be easier to comb through your hair and moisturizes the skin.

If you put shower water in the bathtub, the water will be soft and comfortable.

Put some shower water into the washing machine. Improves washing performance.

Shower water helps cut flowers last longer and thrives in gardening.